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MSS Review Subscription Service

MSS data is the consolidation of import and export data submitted to HMRC on behalf of businesses by customs clearance agents. The MSS is identified against EORI numbers declared at the time of import and/or export from the UK. 

MSS data is available from HMRC which allows detailed analysis of actual information submitted to HMRC on businesses behalf.

The review and analysis of the MSS data allows for ensuring customs compliance and identifying import tax saving opportunities.

We are approved to obtain and analyse this data on behalf of our clients, breaking down the technical data into meaningful interpretations. We review the following aspects and provide a detailed report for management reporting purposes:

  • Amount of customs duty and other import taxes were paid 

  • Use of Free Trade Agreements

  • Understanding when preferential duty is not claimed

  • Use of customs reliefs 

  • Commodity code review 

  • List of agents involved in the declarations to HMRC

  • Particular elements as requested by businesses 


We provide technical understanding, innovative customs planning ideas and decades of practical experience working with some of the world’s largest organisations to turn apparently unavoidable customs costs into a prime business asset capable of generating dramatic savings and operational improvements.
Understanding the valuation, classification, preference declarations being made on your behalf throughout the supply chain and understanding the origin of the goods supplied to you within the European Union, will result in the information to allow the optimum amounts of customs duty and import VAT to be paid. This results in lower product and administration costs and therefore improved cashflow and increased margins.

Managed Services

Not only can we assist you in realising the significant benefits available through customs planning, if required, we can provide a full managed outsource service. This will ensure that the financial rewards can be achieved with minimal impact on your day to day business resources.