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Compliance and Opportunity

Due to the deemed complexities surrounding Customs Law, it is our experience that customs duties are generally overlooked by business and considered a tax which cannot be managed or reduced. Further, many business leave all aspects of customs duty planning to their customs clearance agent and assume all the savings available are achieved on their behalf. It is our experience that this is rarely the case, due to the lack of knowledge the customs clearance agent is given in relation to the importer’s supply chain.

Import duties, freight costs and other related expenses impact directly on the bottom line for businesses. Additionally businesses can risk non-compliance and miss the opportunity for duty planning; both of these issues impact on margins and reduced competitiveness for the business within its industry sector.

Through a supply chain review the correct duty position can be ascertained and duty efficiencies identified, in many cases this also includes the opportunity to claim overpaid customs duty on a retrospective basis.

Additionally, we look to complete the review with as little inconvenience to the importer as possible. The extent to which the importer can be involved in the process varies and we are flexible to your requirements.

Review Results

·         Management of duty resulting in duty minimisation

·         Cash recovery and cash flow improvements

·         Improved margins

·         Better visibility upstream and downstream of the supply chain

·         Identification of indirect duty opportunities

·         Customs compliance

common and harmonised set of criteria for granting customs simplifications across the EU.